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jazz piano lessons north london

Greetings and welcome to my website which is dedicated to piano    tuition, specifically jazz based styles, in north and east London.

My name is Hamish and im  a professional pianist/keyboard player based in Finsbury Park. I have been teaching for several years and have always managed to inspire my students no matter what level they are at. I have very advanced students and also total beginners (which is fine, but usually a small amount of keyboard knowledge is required to make the lessons flow a little smoother. Although this isn't absolutely necessary.

Is learning the piano something you have always wanted to do? Do you already play but wish to improve jazz/pop/blues knowledge? Are you an advanced player and have specific questions relating to to certain aspects?  I have an extremely effective method of teaching that incorporates harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic aspects and I tailor it to suit your needs, whether it may be learning your favorite pop or rock song, or want to play blues/stride/swing or more modern electronic music.

The heading 'Jazz' to me (although it has a different meaning to lots of people) incorporates many styles, old and new from early swing to hip hop/R n B. It simply gives you the tools and insight into learning how chords work together and how to structure a piece, learned or improvised.

I am a busy session musician and performer, and have been in London for six years after graduating from music college and touring extensively around the world in various bands.  I have a particular passion for world music and latin american music but enjoy all styles, and love teaching any aspect of improvised or 'modern' music!


London lessons are 1-2-1 and are usually taught in my home in North London (Finsbury Park) or in a studio in Hackney. Both locations  have great instruments to learn on. I can always travel to your home too and teach there if more convenient, as long as there is a sufficient instrument to teach on

Dont hesitate to get in touch via the contact form and i hope to hear from you and get started on your wonderful journey soon!
Rates are just £35 per lesson, preferably on a weekly basis but can be less (or more!) frequent if you would like and I can teach from my well equipped studio in Finsbury Park and also in east London. I am also available to travel to your home (assuming you have an instrument!)
I look forward to getting started!

Any inquiries phone 07714 333087 or email

jazz piano lessons north london
jazz piano lessons north london
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